Our Software development wing adheres to the latest and greatest international standards that ensure that we remain highly efficient and cost-effective throughout an entire software lifecycle.



Our consulting team excels in working closely with you to nail down your exact requirements and to chalk up a mutually agreeable development plan. Our Business Analysts will make sure that all the parties involved in a project are on the same page and prepares the requisite document that will make the big picture clearer. Once these documents are readied, our development team will take over and work out the nuances in the implementation of the project.


We have a strong and committed implementation team with expertise in a wide spectrum of technologies and solutions that will make sure your software solution conforms to the business requirements and that it is of the highest international standard. Maintaining the highest standards not only ensures that we can deliver the solution on time and within budget but also that it is easier to deploy and maintain.


Towards the end of a project, the implementation team will work closely with our infrastructure and deployment team to ensure that there are no unexpected hiccups when deploying your software either on the web, to desktops or to mobile devices. But our work doesn't stop there! We then make sure that your solution works as intended as long as it is in use by entrusting our skilled support staff to conduct routine maintanence and upgrades.

Agile Development Methodologies

We make extensive use of agile development methodologies that not only directly help in keeping with the schedule and budget but also to quickly correct errors in the requirements documentation that may have inevitably been introduced due to the very nature of software development projects. From SCRUM to XP (eXtreme Programming), our team are well versed in iterative development methodologies.