Embedded Solutions

At Hash Solutions, our innovative team of system architects, designers and engineers, focus on building high-quality, creative and efficient solution while maintaining the spirit of cost-efficiency. The embedded systems division of Hash Solutions has developed a history of professional relationships by assisting and standing by our customers through their most challenging projects.

Using the third generation of methodologies based on modeling languages such as the Unified Modeling Language and Architectural Analysis and Design Language, our system designers go a step beyond implementation independence.

Recently our engineers at Hash Solutions have also begun focusing on frameworks as a means for expressing different models of computation and their inter-operation. This helps to preserve properties during composition and support meaningful analysis and transformations. For you, the client, all this translates into reduced designing time and increased stability of the designed product.

Whether you need to implement a new business process architecture or just want to acquire the latest in infrastructure technology, Hash Solutions will provide you with experts in varied subject matters so that you can rest assured that you will implement only the best available technologies at the best prices.Hash Solutions takes a consultative approach to partnering with you. We work within your strategic objectives, align with your goals, and offer full support and knowledge transfer to your team.


  • Firmware Development
  • Middleware Development
  • Embedded Linux Services
  • Board Support Packages
  • Custom Software Development
  • Device Driver Development


  • RTOS
  • Firmware Development
  • 8051 / PIC / AVR / ARM
  • DSP / SoC / SoM / ECU
  • Device Drivers
  • Networking / Filesystems / Multimedia
  • Automation, Monitoring & Security
  • Product Designing & Prototyping