Security Services

Hash Solutions provides end-to-end IT Security solutions to cost-effectively and efficiently mitigate the risks to the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the IT systems and assets that support critical business processes.

IT Security

Threats to the enterprise come in all shapes and sizes and from all areas of the business—internally and externally. These threats challenge the ability to innovate and collaborate by tying up valuable resources to deal with the complexity of risk management and the ever growing landscape of regulatory requirements. Hash Solutions is trusted by organizations worldwide to reduce their risk exposure across all areas of the business including its people, data, applications, network and endpoints, and physical infrastructure.

Information Security

Information is at the heart of businesses, and organizations today face many challenges trying to safeguard it. Data and information security is about enabling collaboration while managing risk with an approach that balances availability versus the confidentiality of data.

Our data and information security solutions deliver comprehensive capabilities for data protection and access management that can be integrated to help address information lifecycle security across the enterprise with:

  • Data discovery and classification to identity sensitive mission critical information
  • Data encryption and key management
  • Executable access protection policy management
  • Messaging security and data loss prevention
  • Secure storage and archiving for data retention
  • Services to assess, protect, monitor and manage information

Web Application Security

Hash Solutions offers the most complete end-to-end Web application security solutions that help organizations pre-emptively find and remediate vulnerabilities, block attacks in real-time, and granularly control access to applications. This enables enterprises to find existing vulnerabilities and prevent new ones from being introduced, block attacks against existing vulnerabilities prior to being remediated, and ensure that only authorized personnel are accessing critical or sensitive applications and related data. Our unique combination of software, hardware and services provides a solution that is tailored to each organization's unique security requirements and corresponding business needs.